Food as Medicine Summit: Bay Area Agenda

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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, November 17th 2021
Wednesday, November 17th 2021
9:00am PST

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

William Li, President, The Angiogenesis Foundation

9:10am PST

Keynote Presentation: Striving for Food and Nutrition Security Across the Lifespan

  • An overview of the CDC’s work with national groups, states and communities to Make Healthy Eating Easier. This discussion will include an overview of DNPAO programs including Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), State Physical Activity and Nutrition (SPAN), and High Obesity Program (HOP), along with key strategies such as improving nutrition in Early Childcare and Educational (ECE)

Ruth Petersen, MD, MPH, Director, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, CDC

9:40am PST

Keynote Panel Discussion: What are the Main Barriers to Success for Food as Medicine?

Despite being a vastly diverse movement with a huge number of stakeholders invested in its success, there are several core challenges that bind us all. Join leading figures from across this field to assess this ever changing landscape, dig deep into the biggest limiting factors to Food as Medicine success, and lay the foundations for an evidence-backed, jam-packed two days of discussions. 

  • Are we any closer to defining what Food as Medicine really means, and what are the main barriers to success?
  • What major advancements have defined the industry and what steps do we need to make next?
  • Which populations and interventions should we be focusing our efforts on?
  • How can we work together to enable more seamless integration up and down the Food as Medicine pyramid?
  • How has the landscape changed since the last Food as Medicine Summit and where can we expect to be in another 6 months time?

Ruth Petersen, MD, MPH, Director, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, CDC

Hilary Seligman MD, Professor of Medicine and of Epidemiology and Biostatistics | Senior Medical Advisor, UCSF | Feeding America

Barbara Schneeman, PhD, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Davis (formerly FDA)

Cathryn Couch, Chief Executive Officer, Ceres Community Project

10:30am PST

Morning Refreshments and Speed Networking

Grab yourself a coffee and get yourself ready for speed networking. Designed to connect you with over half the audience in just 30 minutes, have your elevator pitch ready and spend 5 minutes with each group before moving to a new table filled with new faces. Remember to exchange those physical or virtual business cards and follow up on those warm connections later in the day! 

Attending virtually? Take this dedicated networking time to connect with your peers attending online. You’ll have the chance to connect with in-person attendees on day 2!

The Food as Medicine Summit will now split into two tracks.

Personalize your experience by swapping between tracks to catch the sessions that mean the most to you.

Cant decide which sessions to attend? We’re recording everything and will be distributing recordings post-event!

Track 1 - Patients

11:20am PST

Deep Dive: Medically-Tailored Meals and Food Insecurity: Reviewing the Evidence, Studies and Interventions

Kartika Palar, Assistant Professor, Division of HIV, Infectious Disease and Global Medicine, UCSF

Sheri Weiser, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Track 2 - Consumers

Start-Up Showcase

11:20am PST

Presentation: Rethinking Our Approach to Nutrition

  • A look at how vitamins have revolutionized the way we think about food 
  • Discussion will touch on reductionism vs. holism in health & nutritional science
  • Explore an overview of GEM — the evolution of the supplement aisle today 

Sara Cullen, Founder and CEO, GEM

11:50am PST

Presentation: Using Technology to Drive Personalized Nutrition

Kyle Dardashti, Co-Founder and CEO, Heali

12:00pm ET

Panel Discussion with Open Q*A – Who’s Going to Pay for Food as Medicine?

Many say that money makes the world go round and unfortunately Food as Medicine is no exception. With research funding and reimbursement hugely holding back the breadth of research, regulation and policy advancements, accessibility and affordability of interventions and the progress of the movement as a whole, join this multi stakeholder panel of experts to answer the crucial question: who is going to pay for Food as Medicine?

  • Who should pay for Food as Medicine studies?
  • How can we prove the value of Food as Medicine – what outcomes should we be measuring in clinical trials and studies in order to quantify the success of Food as Medicine?
  • How can we begin to get Food as Medicine interventions reimbursed on a regional and national scale?
  • How can policy change in Medicaid and Medicare drive change for low-income people where it is needed most?
  • How can we make Food as Medicine a long term intervention?

John Bulger, Chief Medical Officer Insurance Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Geisinger

John Baackes, CEO, L.A. Care Health Plan

Sarah Downer, Associate Director of Whole Person Care, Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School

Angela Kalousek Ebrahimi, Senior Director, Lifestyle Medicine, Blue Shield of California

Elizabeth Kwo, Deputy Chief Clinical Officer, Anthem

Lunch and Networking

After a whole morning of mouth-watering talks, take an hour out to finally sample some of the most delicious, tangible examples that Food as Medicine has to offer. Join us for a selection of tasty, fresh and nourishing dishes, designed to refuel the body and mind, recharging you for the rest of the day.

1:00pm PST
Track 1 - Patients

2:00pm PST

Presentation: Revolutionizing Clinical Nutrition: The World’s First Organic, Whole Food Plant-Based Feeding Tube Formula

John Bagnulo, Director of Nutrition, Functional Formularies

2:30pm PST

Presentation: Community Impact and Healthcare Cost Reduction with Medically-Tailored Meals

Owen Ryan, President & CEO, Project Angel Heart

Track 2 - Consumers

2:00pm PST

Presentation: Using AI and Peptidomics to Discover the Power in Bioactive Peptides

Nora Khaldi, Founder and CEO, Nuritas

2:30pm PST

Presentation: No Longer a Secret – Food is a Medicine

  • There is no universal healthy food. Discussion will touch on why fad diets work for some and not others or work for a while and stop working afterwards.
  • • Explore the clinical evidence of improvement in signs or symptoms of IBS, Depression, Anxiety and type 2 Diabetes by simply using food as a medicine.
  • • Discuss how progress is being made away from conflicting food advice and wondering if it’s really helping you at the code and not just symptoms and that’s why you should measure your biological age, immune health, Cellular Health, Mitochondrial Health and Gut Health etc

Momchilo (Momo) Vuyisich,
Chief Science Officer, Viome

3:00pm PST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Track 1 - Patients

3:45pm PST

Presentation: Leveraging RDNs in the Food Retail Environment to Improve Public Health

Allison Yoder MA, RDN, LD, Nutrition in Food Retail Program Development Fellow, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Track 2 - Consumers

3:45pm PST

Presentation: Mapping the World’s Most Impactful Bioactives

Jim Flatt, Co-Founder & CEO, Brightseed

4:15pm PST

Panel Discussion: The Rising Tide of Food as Medicine: Growth By and Opportunities For Big Industry Players

Big industry players such as CPGs and retailers will have a huge influence on the success of Food as Medicine, and hold the key to tackling many of the obstacles in the movement, such as affordability, accessibility and policy. With consumer demands changing, and with many arguing that these large brands have a responsibility to make healthy eating easier, how can the big industry players seize the opportunity of Food as Medicine and take steps towards a healthier, more transparent portfolio?

  • Is the time right for Food as Medicine? How have consumer demands changed over the last 2 years, and how do consumers perceive new F&B trends such as personalized nutrition?
  • Where do the main opportunities and responsibilities in Food as Medicine lie? What recent innovation has paved the way in these areas?
  • How can we truly define ‘affordable nutrition’ and what is the role of CPGs in transforming Food as Medicine into an upstream intervention?
  • How is policy holding back opportunity, and how can the involvement of these major influences begin to aid policy for the whole movement?
  • How else can the involvement of the big industry influencers help to accelerate progress in Food as Medicine?

Antonio Tataranni, Chief Medical Officer, PepsiCo

Holly Jacobus, Investment Partner, Ataraxia VC

6:00pm PST

Close of Day 1 of the Food as Medicine Summit | Bay Area

Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, November 18th 2021
Thursday, November 18th 2021
9:00am PST

Chair’s Opening Remarks

William Li, President, The Angiogenesis Foundation

9:05am PST

Panel Discussion: Consumer Education and Behavior Change: The Biggest Challenges in Food as Medicine?

Educating consumers and catalyzing long-term behavior change and adoption of Food as Medicine practices are instrumental to the success of the movement, and arguably the biggest challenges in Food as Medicine. Join the experts to deep-dive into the research and rationale behind instrumenting behavior change, how to effectively communicate with the average consumer, and how to overcome the main pinch points that will inhibit the adoption of Food as Medicine practices.

  • How can we get consumers to understand Food as Medicine and empower them with knowledge about nutrition and health, whilst still ‘meeting the consumer where they are’?
  • How do you incentivise behavior change in different demographic populations, and how can we begin to change the mindset around Food as Medicine?
  • How do we advise/encourage consumers to set small, achievable, flexible health goals to increase adherence, and how do we keep them engaged?
  • What success measures are being used to measure positive changes in behavior?

Hamed Faridi, Executive Director, McCormick Science Institute

Lindsay Hanson, Head of Behavioral Insurance, Global Strategy and Delivery, Manulife and John Hancock Insurance

Linda Shiue, Physician & Director of Culinary Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

Nicholas Krivoruchko, VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, KEEN Growth Capital

10:00am PST

Morning Refreshments and Online to In-Person Networking

The Food as Medicine Summit offers both in-person and online attendance enabling senior leaders from across the globe to tune in and join the conversation in defining the future of utilizing food as medicine. 

Use this dedicated networking time to connect with your peers who have chosen to attend the Summit in a different format. Use our dedicated platform to network with the biggest innovators, swap details and follow up after the event to collaboratively drive innovation and establish food as the newest pillar of healthcare.

Developing the Food as Medicine Movement

10:45am PST

Presentation: Leading Solutions for Increasing Food as Medicine

David Eisenberg, Director of Culinary Nutrition & Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition | Founding Executive Director, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health | Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

11:15am PST

Roundtable with Open Q&A – Information Sharing, Education and Collaboration: How Can We Drive The Success of Food as Medicine?

  • What role do Teaching Kitchens, Produce Rx, Fresh Food Farmacies and Medically Tailored Meals play in the success of Food as Medicine?
  • How could the development of a comprehensive Food is Medicine map positively impact patients on a national level?
  • How can we continue to make the population less sick and reduce health care costs, and what future developments are on the horizon?

David Eisenberg, Director of Culinary Nutrition & Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition | Founding Executive Director, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health | Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

Christine Hamann, Director, The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

Benjamin Perkins, CEO, Wholesome Wave

Cathryn Couch, Chief Executive Officer, Ceres Community ProjectGeisinger

Allison Hess, VP, Health Innovation, Geisinger


12:00pm PST

Fireside Chat with Open Q&A: Partnerships to Increase Access to Fresh Produce

Manik Bhat, Chief Executive Officer, Healthify

Jeremy Cooley, CEO, Tangelo

1:00pm PST

Lunch and Networking

Before bringing the Food as Medicine Summit: Bay Area to a close, catch-up with old friends and form new connections whilst enjoying some of the food that has been the hottest topic of conversation over the last two days.

1:30pm PST

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: How Can We Get Food as Medicine to the Masses? 

The Food as Medicine movement is huge, with a vast span of stakeholders reaching across F&B, healthcare and more. This panel will examine the key groups of influencers across the whole ‘food chain’, the necessity and benefit of more cross-movement multi stakeholder collaboration, and how we can utilize this knowledge to catalyse change.

  • How can we develop an ecosystem in Food as Medicine to improve the healthcare and F&B industries, and adoption of Food as Medicine practices across the country?
  • How can we get nutrition information to diverse audiences and democratize Food as Medicine?
  • Is developing a sustainable Food as Medicine ecosystem our best hope for getting Food as Medicine to the masses?
  • What benefit would increased multi stakeholder collaboration have on the movement, and what are the main considerations when executing collaborations?
  • Where should we be focusing our efforts and where will we start to see progress emerge?

Sharon Donovan PHD RD, Professor and Melissa M. Noel Endowed Chair in Nutrition and Health | Director, Personalized Nutrition Initiative, University of Illinois

Ashley Tyrner, Founder and CEO, FarmboxRx

Nora Khaldi, Founder and CEO, Nuritas

Dexter Shurney, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Community Well-Being and the Blue Zones Institute, Adventist Health

2:15pm PST

Close of the Food as Medicine Summit | Bay Area